Rapeman Forever (Parody)

2012-02-15 16:23:10 by RemixSprites


Albert Fish: All of his Ass

2011-09-16 16:51:54 by RemixSprites /445876

Hello, I'm philanthropist Albert Fish reading a letter to Mrs. Budd.

Dub of the North Star 2

2011-08-29 10:19:47 by RemixSprites

New episode is finally up! All voices by me! Hit me up about any Flashes you might want to get together on!

- Remix

Dub of the North Star

2011-08-25 14:47:55 by RemixSprites

Hi, I did voices on some of Gonzossom's recent Flashes. This here is a parody series of Fist of the North Star. Just about all voices by me n' shit. New episode should be up this Monday or so. YUP.

Here be the forum thread. Beware of assholes. - 68204

Dub of the North Star

Frieza Deals With Simple Men (Parody)

2011-01-23 11:10:44 by RemixSprites

I've recorded a new parody dub!

All voices by me (RemixSprites) and the video itself was edited by InnagadadaDBZ.

Remember, if you need voices for Flash, hit me up!

Krillin, You Win

2010-10-27 12:07:20 by RemixSprites

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All voices by me.

If you like it, show your friends and favorite Flash artists! I'm up for doing some voicing!

Rapeman Returns

2010-09-25 13:13:25 by RemixSprites

Been a long time, sexy. All voices by me.

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Hit me up, gaiz.