Frieza Deals With Simple Men (Parody)

2011-01-23 11:10:44 by RemixSprites

I've recorded a new parody dub!

All voices by me (RemixSprites) and the video itself was edited by InnagadadaDBZ.

Remember, if you need voices for Flash, hit me up!


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2011-01-23 13:03:59

Holy shit you have a Newgrounds!? I became a fan of yours over Youtube...this is great! Fr*eza deals with Simple Men was hilarious!


2011-01-23 15:53:10

i love you.

RemixSprites responds:

I love you too.


2011-01-24 07:53:35

I had no idea you were involved with Newgrounds at all. If you're ever down for some voice acting let me know. I'm sure I can find some use for you :O

RemixSprites responds:

I'm down. Its my only purpose here. :P


2011-01-24 08:15:01

Well I've got nothing going on right now that needs voices, but I guarentee I'll be able to find something for you soon enough.

I'll shoot you my AIM details over PM.


2011-01-24 11:02:15

Love your dubs man, they always crack me up.
I'll contact you if I ever need voice work.


2011-01-24 17:57:10

I'm a big fan of your show man.

Picollo is just badass and Rapeman was great. Glad to see you hear on NG!


2011-02-28 18:53:30

The "I'll catch you" part left me dying xD


2011-03-11 03:36:33

god i love these videos
might sound lame but watched it while I was sick as hell with the flu and they made my day
love picollos voice XD


2011-03-11 05:26:07

Oh my god you're an amazing Goku. Total respect <3<3<3


2011-07-03 16:42:01

i dont care about any of that im just tryin to get naked lolz


2011-08-14 00:30:32



2011-08-18 00:16:35

when are you going to finally post the new rapeman