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Red Dragon Rampage Red Dragon Rampage

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Zero Stars For Coders Who Give Zero Fucks

NOTE: I did the voices on this abortion.

If the game isn't finished, why put it up? Seriously. This shit has so many bugs that I'm thinking about calling Terminex to fumigate it twice.

This game had every reason to be as successful as Toss the Turtle, but yet you vanish only to come back OVER A YEAR LATER to post it unfinished. Gonzossm did his part - busting his ass on all that artwork. Hell, I did my own small part in providing voices that I would've been more than happy to redo in much higher quality. But, you... You had to put it up with your part STILL unfinished. Well, good job - This shit is useless now.

Newgrounds, this guy left us hanging by our nuts for over a fucking year only to put up an unfinished game. Thus, BLAM THIS PIECE OF SHIT.